1/ Jewery is guaranteed timelessly

2/ We will not take responsibility if our valued customers take the products to repair in the other places

3/ Dimonds under 2mm is guaranteed ( no extra fee) timelessly

4/ In case the product is severely damaged (broken pin, distorted, deformed, broken spindle …), cracked master, dropped tablet over 2mm due to external forces, or damaged during use , the store will support repair with a fee

5/ Request for exchange must be 60 days from the time of request for repair at least.


1/ The exchanged diamonds and rings must be checked and verified by the store staff

2/ Gold wedding ring jewelry with precious stones and semi-precious stones are not eligible for exchange policy

3/ Jewelry with diamonds and diamond drives are only purchased when the product is intact and undamaged

When exchanging to products of greater value: -20% Resale: -30%. In case the jewelry is chipped, chipped, not intact, the needle plate is damaged, the store will not accept exchange
4/ GIA, GIV, SJC diamond when exchange another with a greater value: -10%, resale:-15%( Diamond is intact and have certificate)

5/ GIA, GIV, SJC diamond from 10mm – no exchange policy

6/ Not applicable to all cases of loss, misplacement or failure to provide the inspection certificate at the time of collection and exchange

7/ Store does not accept exchange when you have not completed the payment of 100% of products (Applicable to all orders including installments and orders)

Note: All transactions are denominated in Vietnam Dong and during the period of stability. If there is a change or update on the Policy, the store will notify the customer. And still apply the old exchange policy for products that were traded before the time when the new exchange policy was issued.

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