Measuring ring size is necessary, if you do not before choosing ring, it can lead to some unfortunate mistakes.

Ring is adjusted to be fix with many times. A fix ring give you confidence when you wearing. If you can not come to store to get fix size, you absolutetly measure size with some ways below:

First step: Cutting a wood yarn or piece of papper with small width

Second step: Using one of them wrap around finger which you want to wear

Third step: Marking the intersection point

Fourth step: using ruler to measure length, then the ring’s deameter will be found out by multiplying the length you just measured by 3,14

Fifth step: Finally, make a compararison between deameter measured with standard size table below, you will get your size.

Note: Your size can change because of weather or time of day. For example, in the morning your finger is smaller than in the evening because you have not worked already, or the weather is colder,etc…so, you should measure your size numerous times in diferent time of the day to get the most correct size. We recommend you do it rom 3 to 4 times. If your size is in between two sizes, you should choose the larger size.

If your finger joints are big, you should measure perimeter near the joint( not above the joint)to easy to wear on and not to be fallen when you wearning.

Ring size reference system

Having diferent system in the world, for example, ring size standard system in Asia is diferent from South America or Euroupe so you need to know your size exactly and the inner diameter.